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A note to the Community

City Councilors have to be accessible

I am a candidate for District 1 City Council. I am a resident of District 1. Many individuals have contacted me regarding issues that have not been addressed or not addressed properly, some lingering for many years.

The responsibility of the Councilor for any district is to represent and be a voice for the people. We've gotta get back to that. Advocacy work is great but what about the job?

I vow to take the time to meet with the people. I have been on telephone calls, walking properties, looking at potholes and other issues, which concern the people. I have attended community events and spoken up about issues concerning the community and neighbors in District 1.

No rubber stamps

Accessible to the people

Voice for the people

It's time to change

Chambers for District 1

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It's time to change!

I appreciate the support of constituents from District 1. A resounding concern is listening to the people, answering and returning phone calls, addressing the needs of the people and I am accessible. I have spoken with many and heard concerns that have been overlooked or ignored, some have existed for years.

District 1, "It's time to change!"

The City Councilor seat is the voice of the people. How can you be the voice of those you won't even speak with?

District 1, "It's time to change!"

ELECT Chambers for District 1 on August 27th

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National Police Week

In the spirit of National Police Week, Chambers for District 1 extends its deepest gratitude to the valiant men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving the Tulsa community. This week offers a moment to pause and reflect on the sacrifices made by our law enforcement officers, who stand on the front lines to ensure our safety and security. Their unwavering commitment to upholding the law and providing a shield against harm embodies the best of what it means to serve a community.